Lash be happy, here's some pro tips to add a little wow to those peepers!

Always wondered how models get those thick full looking lashes, inside secret they are proberley fake!! Strip lashes add the vavoom to any make up and with a few tips are easy to apply.

Pro tips:

- Always make sure you have finished applying all your eyeshadow

- Check they are the right size for your eye shape, remove from packet without applyring glue and place on the outter lash to the inner lash. If the lashes are longer than this then you need to trim.

-Easy way to trim lashes is to a pair of nail clippers, they leave a nice clean cut and dont ruin the lashes.

-Apply glue onto lashes using a cotton tip, nice and tidy no glue gets onto lashes where it could irritate your eyes.

-Check how the glue needs to be used, most will need to left for a few seconds before you apply to the eye.

-Hold lashes with a pair of tweezers, lean back slightly in mirror and apply as close to lash as possible.

- To remove just pull lashes from outter to inner eye, they last all evening.

Hope these helps, happy lashing!

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