Booked a professional make up artist? what do i do?

Your organised, the appointments booked for your make up artist to show off your best features for your big day, special occcasion, formal etc now how do you prepare to ensure the best results??

Follow these steps for a flawless finish;

-Ensure all hair removal is done at least the day before

-Getting a tan? make sure you book in two days before you have your make up done.

-Exfoliate your skin and lips(refer to previous blog for lip scrub) the night before, make sure you dont suddenly change your products to avoid breaking out before the event.

-The night before your make up remove all make up residue to leave a clean skin, moisturise.

-Finally on the morning of your make up appointment arrive with no make up, sometimes removing eye make up at this stage can cause watery sensitive eyes that can effect the final result.

Happy prepping

#airliebeachbeauty #makeup #weddings

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